Year End Giving!


May 27, 2014 marked a special day for Wahiawa! The former brothel behind the Texas Strip Club – an eyesore and the last remnant of the seedy sex industry in the neighborhood – was torn down for good! In the months following that demolition, we’ve started laying the foundations for what will soon be the Community Outreach and Training Center (COTC).


A building that was a place of torment, fear, and hopelessness, will become a new building of safety, hope, learning, and restoration. The COTC will house a cutting-edge music studio, dance studio, art workshop, classroom, and a food pantry. All of this will make it possible for Surfing The Nations to better pour into and equip the at-risk youth of Oahu and serve low-income families who often go without proper nutrition just to make ends meet. Within the walls of this building, the youth of Wahiawa and neighboring communities will receive the rare opportunity to experience free homework help, art lessons by skilled artists from around the island, dance classes that connect them to Polynesian culture and character development from consistent, loving staff members in a consistent environment!


We hope for your partnership to continue the radical transformation in Wahiawa! In this Season of giving we are aiming to end 2014 with a Giving Campaign that meets the goal to raise $32,000*. Help us show the children of Oahu that they are valued!


Here’s how you can get involved – Help us build the COTC one brick at a time – Click here!

Cinder Blocks  // need 2,214 @ $2 each 
#Givingidea – Buy 100 blocks for $200!

Metal studs
// need 3,200 @ $5 each 

Exterior Siding
// need 62 @ $20 each 
#Givingidea – Side the whole COTC for $1240!

// need 72 gal @ $25 each 
#Givingidea – Paint the kids’ art room for $100!

// need 35 @ $100 each
#Givingidea – Secure our ground floor for $1900!

Cement Mortar
// need 22 yd @ $200 each
#Givingidea – Throw a ‘giving back’ fundraising party

// need 12 @ $250 each
#Givingidea – Equip the top floor for $750!


Steel Frames// need 140 @ $500 each

Roof Trusses
// need 47 @ $640 each

Sprinkler System //
need one at $69,000
#Givingidea – Go above & beyond our giving goal!            


Click here to make your donation!


*Surfing The Nations is a non- profit 501 (c) 3 tax deductible organization recognized by the US Government.   

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