What To Buy In Bangladesh

One of the most intriguing things to do in a foreign country is to go shopping; browsing through the local shops, seeing what the people stock their homes with, trying new foods and drinks along the way, and of course, looking for little treasures to bring back. It’s these little things that we carry back in our suitcase that remind us of the things we loved about the place we had to leave. 

At STN, we are exposed to all kinds of new foods, smells, clothing, simply from what people bring back from their trips. But with only one carry-on bag for an entire month, what do people choose to take up their precious space?

In today’s blog, our creative arts producer, Kirsten Roskos shares what treasures she picked up when she was in Bangladesh with the team in April. Enjoy getting a little glimpse of  a Bengali market, and maybe make a shopping list for yourself if you are headed that way soon!


1) Henna: 
While we were in Bangladesh, one way we connected with the girls was by getting henna done on our hands and arms. Not only is it beautiful, but it reminds me of the ties that we have as women, despite the cultural difference.

2) Three-piece:
 A three piece is what a traditional Bengali woman wears. Each girl on our team had to wear this outfit everyday. It was really fun to wear this new attire and we all had different patterns and colors. The women that we connected to in the community were really honored that we took on the culture by dressing like them.

 3) Cha- Cha:

Cha-cha is the Bengali word for tea. People in Bangladesh do everything over a cup of tea! One of my favorite things about the trip was getting to know people over a simple cup of tea.

4) Snack bag:

I love this spicy, flavorful snack! Every day when I was in Bangladesh, we went to the little vendor shacks on the side of the road and purchased a snack. This bag was my favorite! Whenever I eat it, it takes me back to the memories of where I ate it and who I ate it with.

5) Journal:

The journals in Bangladesh are much different than American ones. They have very thin, blank paper with no extra embellishments. They are beautiful with their colors and writing on the covers. Every time I write in this journal, I think of Bangladesh and all the memories that I made there.

6) Incense:

Every time I go to a  new place, I like to get new incense to remember that place with. There’s nothing like a smell to take you back! I also love that I get to share the smells of the country with my room mates and friends.

7) Jewlery:

I  love the gold and brightly colored jewlery in Bangladesh. Every time I wear my bracelets from Bangladesh, they have a connection behind them that is dear to me. I not only think of this country but the market places and the store vendors I bought them from.



4 Replies to "What To Buy In Bangladesh"

  • Philip McIvor
    September 29, 2013 (3:18 am)

    hey guys….just wondering if there are any STN team members still in Bangladesh? I am heading there next week for a few days to visit my brother and sister-in-law, and it would be cool to catch up…i live in Brunei, and am thinking of doing something similar here….cheers.

    • Emily Jones
      October 2, 2013 (3:05 pm)

      Hi Phillip! Thanks for contacting us! To connect with someone from our international department, please send an email go@surfingthenations.com
      Thanks so much!

  • Jackson
    March 27, 2015 (5:02 pm)

    Hi my family and I are moving and I was wondering what to bring. Thx

  • admin
    April 22, 2015 (4:45 pm)

    Hi Jackson! That’s awesome! We’ll do our best to help. Please email go@surfingthenations.com. Thanks!

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