Weekend Jam: Throwback with Rusted Root!






When people say ‘it’s that time of the year’, what do you automatically fill in for ‘that time’? Is it ‘that time’ to eat copious amounts of rich food? Is it ‘that time’ to have an excuse to be stressed all the time? Is it ‘that time’ to shop til you drop, (or maybe drop before you shop because of your current balance?) That phrase may well mean a lot of things for you, but for us one thing that it is time for is: going home! Here at STN, we have people from all over the world: Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Canada, France and all over the USA (also some Hawaiians…’grown here not flown here’).  Most of us are all trying to get our work done and scurry home in time to be with our families and friends where we came from. ‘That time’ of the year for STN is a time of airport runs and goodbyes, going away parties and endless repetitions of ”What day do you leave?”

With that being in mind, this weekend’s jam is an oldie but a goody: ”Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. It’s a fun song, and a pretty good theme song to download for your departing flight. Enjoy jamming to this throwback and have a great time celebrating whatever ‘that time’ of the year means for you!




photo cred: cheapflights.com

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