Weekend Jam: Amanda & Rasmus

Surfing the Nations headquarters is swarming with a huge population of Swedes.

Lucky for us, Swedes seem to be pretty on top of it in the style, fashion, design, music, and other creative realms. We are constantly presented with the opportunity to glean from their ways: some things we’ve adopted (fika, Swedish chocolate balls, and of course, a love for IKEA) and some things we’ve  just left to the Vikings (watching Donald Duck to celebrate Christmas..?) All that to say, you don’t have to look much farther than Scandinavia land for something fresh and rad. This weekend’s jam Amanda and Rasmus comes straight from Gothenburg. The cool thing about these guys is the power of their teamwork: Amanda write poems and Rasmus puts music to those poems and presto!- a song is born! That’s a pretty amazing collaboration if we say so ourselves. We imagine it probably takes some pretty creative and flexible people to be able to combine their arts so wonderfully.

Check out this upbeat track Follow Me from their four song EP (also called Follow Me).  Download the entire EP with soundcloud here.







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