Volunteer at Surfers Coffee Bar!

Come explore Hawaii, meet rad people and work at the #1 coffee bar on Oahu!   Never worked in a coffee bar before?  No problem, we will train you!

Surfers Coffee Bar is a neighborhood collective of unpaid volunteers that exists to bring people together by providing a great atmosphere, amazing music, and coffee of the highest quality. We are surfers committed to giving back as we promote self-expression, sustainability, creativity, innovation, social awareness, peace, love and positive change in our local and global community.

Through the loving support of our volunteer staff, 100% of Surfers Coffee Bar proceeds are given to local and global non-profit organizations. We support our community by hosting live music, special events, and featuring local artists. Surfers Coffee Bar is a gathering place for family and friends to share life in a comfortable environment.

Limited spots available!  Apply now and come join us for a minimum of three months!

Surfers Coffee Bar Application Form:


Surfers Coffee Bar Application
Thank you for your application to join the Surfers Coffee Bar Team! We hope to make your application process as simple as possible and have broken it down into 3 simple steps.

Please take note of the following stipulations with regards to involvement with Surfers Coffee Bar - these are reflected on the Surfing The Nations website.

STEP 1 - General Application
Fill in all information on this form (including medical history, emergency contacts, liability releases, termination of involvement, financial responsibility, and policies agreement) and submit online.

STEP 2 - Supporting Documents
EMAIL ONE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH to registrar@surfingthenations.com and pay your application fee of $50 through https://www.surfingthenations.com/surfers-coffee-bar-fees/.


STEP 3 - Reference Forms
The 2 Supplemental Forms are provided separately on our website for your convenience. Send the links to your Character and Professional references and ask them to submit online.

All applicants must go through the application process and will be notified if accepted.

Please note:
This application form when filled in thoroughly should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and cannot be stored / saved and filled in later. Please plan accordingly.

* Required
Preferred Arrival & Departure Dates *
MINIMUM 3 MONTH COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED! Please let us know what MONTHS you would like to be involved. YOU MUST SELECT arrival AND departure months. Your arrival and departure dates will be specified by the registrar - DO NOT PURCHASE ANY FLIGHTS UNTIL DATES ARE PROCESSED. Keep in mind, that all applications are subject to housing availability.
Further Comments
Please inform us of any specific circumstances regarding arrival and departure that we need to know.
Your answer
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