Ulu Pono Freedom Skate – Summer 2018

Although school is back in session, the chaos of summertime memories with no school and many adventures with our Ulu Pono kids is still fresh. A highlight of summer at our Surfing the Nations Oahu base is how the kids are always ready for a game of basketball or volleyball, or to simply skate around the parking lot or skate park. When our team takes some of the young teens to the skate park on a Saturday afternoon it’s a wild time, but always worth it. These kids are rowdy, filling the vans with boards, knee pads, and helmets, and requesting songs to sing along to during the drive. They swarm a sacred skate park on the North Shore of Oahu like they own the place, which is admirable because they’re just there to have fun. All the noise, all the conversation and laughter they bring to a place is just because they’re happy to be there, skating with their friends, stoked on the accomplishment of even the smallest new tricks. The girls skate with the boys, the boys skate with the older guys, and they cheer each other on through all of it. We’re so thankful to be part of empowering the youth of Oahu!


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  • Aquila David
    September 14, 2018 (3:03 pm)

    I love it! Way to go.

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