Ulu Pono Christmas Party

The afternoon began with assorted Christmas cookies, festively decorated cupcakes and hot chocolate. Both Ulu Pono kids and teens filled the room with laughter and excitement to celebrate the Christmas festivities that were underway. The room was lit by bulb lights strung from the ceiling and a Christmas tree topped with a Santa hat in the corner.  Collectively we gathered on blankets, covering the floor, and kicked off the party watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” As the movie came to an end, the kids anxiously awaited to receive their gifts from the Ulu Pono staff members. Little did they know, each of them would also receive a brand new pair of slippers from Cobian Footwear. Every face was glowing with pure joy and excitement as they each waited to get fitted.  Afterwards, everyone gathered outside to practice Christmas carols they would be performing later that evening for friends and family. Their voices echoed throughout the entire property creating an atmosphere radiating joy and childlike wonder. We all sang in unison with our hearts full seeing the genuine, beaming smiles that stretched from ear to ear. It was truly an unforgettable, magical night. 

It has been incredible watching this group of rad kids grow and thrive this year. They genuinely encourage and challenge each other to not only embrace but live up to their full potential. Ulu Pono is more than an after-school program, it’s an ohana. Its an ohana worth celebrating and this season is a reminder to be thankful for the joy and unconditional love these kids embody. We are beyond honored to be a part of their lives and inspired daily by their creativity, dreams, and excitement for new adventures.

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