The 12×12 Initiative

“Stories Matter. People Matter.”

The 12×12 Initiative is a project developed by three friends who are making their way across the continental U.S. to “visit, observe, serve, and help” 12 organizations in 12 weeks. With the goal of giving a voice to these organizations, they will be using the power of film and photography to tell the stories of the people they meet.

Head Videographer, Logan Jacobs, shares, “There’s so much power in stories and speaking them out and that’s our goal. To tell the stories that haven’t been heard.”

Their heart and vision for this project is to see individuals get involved in their own communities through the power of stories around them. Be on the look out for them, they are traveling as far west as the San Fernando Valley, California, all the way to their hometown in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Here’s a cool video that highlights the project!

Their vision can only become a reality if they can reach their goal of $12,000 to fund this project. Check out their website at the link below for more information about the 12×12 Initiative and how to partner with them!




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