Take More Risks!

During this year’s kickoff conference our staff had the honor of being hosted by Colonel Ryan and participated in leadership training, military style. The morning began with a decently extensive workout and by the end, most of us had received a reality check about the importance of exercise and maintaining one’s physical health. It was a great reminder of what it means to strive for excellence even in the things that are seemingly mundane. Colonel Ryan also spoke about the importance of being a leader who embodies characteristics such as loyalty, integrity, honesty, accountability along with many others that one should possess. A powerful idea that he touched on, was emphasizing what it truly means to be a leader of influence and the weight that comes along with that.

“Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” ~Colonel Ryan

He spoke with such authority and it was obvious that everyone in the room was captivated by his wise words, showing nothing but deep respect for him. Our staff considered it a great privilege to learn from those who serve selflessly on a daily basis.

As leaders, we want to face challenge fearlessly and take more risks for the sake of exponential growth while stepping outside the box of the ordinary. It’s a choice to take the journey that is seemingly long, arduous, and uncomfortable at times but it also may be what stretches you most. It’s aiming to achieve what others view as impossible, to dream bigger dreams, and to push yourself beyond what you believe you’re capable of.  Going against the grain sometimes can produce the greatest results. It’s choosing to take the road less traveled in hopes of arriving at the extraordinary. One must not let their preconceived limitations disqualify them. Risk provides a chance for one to embark on more vibrant, wild, and thrilling journeys. Take the risk and allow it stretch you to your full potential. You’ll never know what you’re fully capable of if you spend your entire life inside the comfort zone. Those with an out of the box mindset accomplish and experience momentous, out of the box things. A life well lived is a life void of regret. Did you embrace every moment? Do you rise in the face of challenge or live within the boundaries of familiarity? This year’s theme serves as a daily reminder to live with an all-in mindset, rising to every challenge, choosing to be inspired and innovative, tapping into creativity, and venturing outside what is comfortable and familiar. May we never know a life of comfortability and complacency but choose to wander fearlessly through the unknown. 

“Your willingness to take risks, especially when you’re young is the difference between an average life and an extraordinary life.” Ryan Holiday


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