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Skimming through North Korea

When you daydream about where you would LOVE to travel to... what country comes to mind? For STN staff member Zeke Conner, his answer was far from typical; his thirst for adventure and desire for change took him to a closed nation that most people wouldn't even consider... Click HERE to read an interview by Skim Magazine about how journeying with Surfing The Nations has led Zeke to be the first-ever skim boarder in North Korea!

Alumni Wave- “Where are they now?”

This month for our Alumni Wave, we introduce to you... Sanna Myers! After bringing the ‘fire’ to Surfing The Nations in 2010, Sanna has been quick to carry the torch onto her new clothing company, "SPARK," that is soon to set the fashion industry ablaze. (Are we punny yet?) Sanna Myers, who many of you remember as Sanna Parker, moved to Hawaii from Sweden and soon became a valued member of our STN staff.  Although she served in all of our outreaches and spent countless hours working in our office, for Sanna, Surfing The Nations was much more than just a job. "STN definitely inspired me to go after my dreams."  Throughout her time here, ...


After 8 years of dreaming- and months of preparing- the first ever S.A.L.T. trip was successfully pioneered by the students of the Spring 2015 Surfers Leadership School! So, what is S.A.L.T., you may ask? Surprisingly, the "S" has nothing to do with surfing, but rather - SAILING. S.A.L.T., an acronym for Sailing Adventure Leadership Training, turned out to be the perfect description for what the students experienced over their five days at sea. Between high waves and beautiful Hawaiian islands, this journey was the experience of a lifetime. Modeling the quote by Yvon Chouinard, “When everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure ...