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The 12×12 Initiative

"Stories Matter. People Matter." The 12x12 Initiative is a project developed by three friends who are making their way across the continental U.S. to “visit, observe, serve, and help” 12 organizations in 12 weeks. With the goal of giving a voice to these organizations, they will be using the power of film and photography to tell the stories of the people they meet. Head Videographer, Logan Jacobs, shares, “There's so much power in stories and speaking them out and that's our goal. To tell the stories that haven't been heard.” Their heart and vision for this project is to see individuals get involved in their own communities through ...

2014 Going Big Highlights

2014 was the year we decided to "Go Big", and here's some highlights of how we achieved that!  


They're strangers. Strangers aren't supposed to affect your daily life very much. Strangers don't have your trust. They don't have your time, like friends who've had years with you. They don't hold a place in your memory.   But these strangers have a power; these strangers have stories.   Their stories bridge the distance between your separate roads and cause you to share a moment on their path. Before you know it, you find the people that are the most obscure are suddenly influencing you. With their words and expressions lingering into your mind, you feel your heart inevitably soften, your mindset shift and your perspective grow. These ...

We’re on Pinterest!

After watching countless friends get addicted to the super visual social media outlet, we figured it's about time we get on board (no pun intended). Let the fun begin! http://pinterest.com/stnhawaii/   photo: mashable.com  

GIVE 2012: Be a History Maker

To really bring about radical change, one must have a certain percentage of courage. Most world-changers in history looked like fools in the world's eyes. Many people can see where there is need for transformation, but not so many are willing to take action to set change in motion. This year, join us in our GIVE 2012 campaign by being your creative self! Between December 1st and January 31st our goal is to raise $20,012 towards the remodel of a broken down brothel in to a thriving outreach training center, which will house our weekly social programs serving the community of Wahiawa, Hawaii. Our property storefronts located in Wahiawa are ...