Surfers Coffee: Rebranding Party

Like any proper party, the night didn’t truly begin until the sun went down and the music filled the room. With a full house bubbling with conversation and music, Surfing the Nations Interns, Summer Challengers, staff, and unfamiliar friendly faces poured into Surfers Coffee throughout the evening. The anticipation for the night had been building all week, with last minute changes for the set up of Surfers Coffee, brand new signs on the windows and exterior, and fresh displays of the newly printed mugs. During my time on staff at Surfing the Nations, changes are usually refreshing, but changes when it comes to design takes the cake. Seeing Surfers Coffee taken over by a brand new logo and “rebranding” has been a breath of fresh air in the atmosphere at our Oahu headquarters this summer. When the rebranding party began it was a glorious early summer sunset, and when it ended with the final musician, the stars were shining. Dancing broke out despite the rows of chairs, acai bowls were consumed, and our hardworking baristas made cappuccinos and lattes late into the night. It’s always special to see people come together over food, music, and of course the key ingredient: coffee. Keep scrolling to see some fun snapshots from the evening and click here to see the full collection on our Flickr! 

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