Surfers Coffee Debuts Live Music Nights

The rich aroma of coffee filled the air and an excited chatter began building in anticipation for the first artist to take the stage. This would be the first of many more music-filled nights to come. Within a matter of thirty minutes, Surfers Coffee was full of people awaiting the introduction of each inspiring and creative artist. Some people were seated at different tables all around the room while others stood in groups conversating with one another. The mood was light and what ordinarily is a serene, cool coffee shop had become transformed by a thrilling new energy.  Dustin Pacleb was the first of the two artists to perform and his music fueled the lively atmosphere. It was evident that he was an incredibly passionate artist who finds his outlet of personal expression to be through the medium of music. As I stood in the back slowly surveying the room, I could see countless connections and conversations forming between such a diversified group of individuals. The reality was, we were all brought together because of our common love and affinity for the art of music. Each melody guided conversations and ignited an excitement and deep appreciation within. Every verse making up each lyrical progression told a story that not only deserves to be heard but was relatable to every individual in some fashion. This environment had become a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration. Dustin finished his setlist and the room erupted in applause. Every note and word had created a marvelous masterpiece that was greatly admired by all those who had been intently listening. 

Shortly after Dustin stepped off the stage, the next artist was announced. She is a familiar face to those in the Wahiawa community but has a voice and style that is unmatched by any other. Gabby Faumuina made her way to the stage, picked up the guitar, and began to strum her first chord progression of the night. Although the atmosphere was still lively, the room took on a completely different feel. Her voice was so smooth and each lyric built on the one that had come before it. Observing, I was amazed at the amount of raw talent she possesses. Entwined within her music is a unique and original flavor that only she, as an individual embodies. Gabby’s presence was captivating and every person in the room was engaged by the creativity that flowed out from within her. It is a beauty that cannot adequately be described with words. As she continued to play, it was evident that every person in the room relished each moment and was entranced by the stories each song told. She closed with her final song, and everyone began cheering in hopes for an encore. Speaking on behalf of the audience, we could have stayed for hours. It was truly an honor to hear her perform.

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