Summer Challenge: A Photo Blog

The first semester of Summer Challenge 2015 has come to a close, but the memories collected throughout this program will last a lifetime. Picking up a suitcase, boarding a plane, and experiencing Hawaii for a month might be an intimidating thing to imagine, but Summer Challengers are what some might call ‘free spirited’. Hawaii is a place of exciting unknowns; there are few things more enchanting to us than wandering through the jungle, discovering new and untouched waterfalls. Every day is a new adventure, and every sunset is worth watching. We believe coffee was designed for drinking on the beach with friends, and that each wave that rolls in is begging to be surfed. Summer Challenge is all about taking risks and seizing the day; journey with us through these pictures to catch a glimpse of how we live “Carpe Diem”.







“Students arrive unsure, insecure, in question and directionless… but they leave proud of who they are, excited about the journey ahead. With tears welling in their eyes they say goodbye to friendships they made three weeks ago but run deeper than those they have had their entire lives.”
– Julie Nelson, Summer Challenge Staff 2015.

“This place is abundantly more than just soaking up the tropics – it’s about allowing yourself to be changed within and integrated into the unity of the ohana; it’s about being adventurous and challenging yourself – but challenging yourself emotionally as well as physically; it’s about waking up and deciding to a part of something larger than life.” – Rachel Bushong, Summer Challenger 2015.

Photo Credit: Rachel Bushong (Instagram: @rachelhopebushong)

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