Stumptown Brings SCB To The Next Level

The Surfers Coffee Bar got an extra jolt last Friday morning with a visit from Stumptown’s very own David George.  This seven-year veteran with Stumptown Coffee Roasters took the five hour flight from Portland to Wahiawa to up the expertise of the already “Top 10 Coffee Shops in Hawaii” placeholder.

SCB Barsita, Karen Domingo was thrilled to have the opportunity, and recognizes the benefits it will have on Surfers Coffe Bar:  “”In general, I think it was important that all of our baristas were trained together. Not only do we know we’re on the same page, but we’re all following the same high standards. David is a good teacher- he taught us important barista basics- from from pulling a great shot if espresso, to steaming milk, making latte art, brewing a simple pourover, and properly caring for our machines. He even explained more about Stumptown as a company. Since we are a non-profit, it was key for us to know the good work behind Stumptown’s good coffee. They know their farmers and give them fair wages directly, which in turn has given the farmer’s communities a better quality of life (education, medical support, proper housing). When we use our motto “more than a cup of coffee” we know that we’re not just helping our home community, but we’re supporting other communities worldwide.

We invite you to come in and take a seat as we warm up your mornings with a perfectly poured Americano.  The Surfer’s Coffee Bar is stoked to serve StumpTown Coffee Roasters with excellence by our trained full time volunteer staff. Whether or not you’re the coffee connoisseur that can identify the origin, aroma and taste of the pulled shot of coffee in your cup; or you’re the simple kind that just needs a cup of joe and a bagel to go, The Surfers Coffee Bar is ready to serve you!   Mahalo to Stumptown Coffee Roasters for helping us bring Wahiawa a better cup of coffee!



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  • Andra
    October 11, 2014 (10:19 pm)

    You are soooo right. I live way over on the Eastside of Portland. I bus everywhere. I heard of Stuptown coeffe and good they were supposed to be. It seems like 95% of expectations in life fall short. My experience of my first Latte at Stumptown was in the very rare 5%.I’m all about 2 shots and a Vanilla Breve. That cool Spring day waitng in a fairly long line at Stuptown led me to a blessing in disquise.The young attractive lady who went to making my Latte Breve with Vanilla forgot the Vanilla. I was a little upset and did’nt want to wait in line again, so I added a little sugar and WOW! The amazing quality of that Hair Bender espresso came to life. Now it’s plain Breves forever.Perfect coeffe complimenting the creamy texture of the cremer. My new Coffee Love. She is always worth the travel and wonderful anticipation.

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