Stories to share from Central America

We have been going international since the start, it is in our DNA. Something beautiful seems to happen every time, stories of friendships created, and of giving back. We look back on these stories with a smile on our faces.

Giving inspiration and telling what they experienced, we have a few people sharing their stories and favorite moments from our trip to Costa Rica and Cuba. This trip is apart of our Leadership Training Program, where we equip the students in leading an international trip. This team was ready to serve and to take one step further in order to meet the needs of the communities.

“Cuba and Costa Rica was so amazing! It was incredible to see surf culture around the world. From a participating in a surf contest and staying in a surf hostel in Costa Rica to meeting some of the first surfers in Cuba, where Surfing was illegal just two years ago. I found that if we bring love through surfing and community, there’s no place we can’t be welcomed.”

“One of my highlights of the trip was is the town of Jaco, Costa Rica. We were wandering around this little village, trying to locate a soccer field that could not be found. But we were determined and decided to try to find the soccer field later on that day. When we did, we ran into a little boy, who could just tell that we were lost and decided to help us out. He showed us to the field, and helped us arrange a game for that next morning. Game day was an absolute blast, the kids taught us a new game, that was way better than just a normal soccer game. We all had so much fun cheering each other on, and lifting up the children in the air after they scored. After the game we handed out clothes and shoes to the kids to share with their families. It was such and awesome day that I will never forget.” 

“On one of the first days that we got to Havana, Cuba, we met with this person called Leo, he has his own classic car company. Before he had this company he was studying to become a doctor, and when he found out that they only get paid $20 a month, decided to pursue this classic car company instead. We connected with him and talked about cars, we talked about the different prices and we just connected with him. Made friends, grabbed his contact info and then about a week later, when we went back to him we arranged a classic Car tour around Havana. We connected on the tour itself, he showed us around then told us about the history, how the Italian mafia impacted Cuban History. At the end we got to give him a STN shirt, now he can represent STN on his daily tours around Havana, Cuba.”

Come join us for our next LTP session here in Fall 2019, September 4 – November 22.
Where you’ll get the chance to grow as a leader, serve both international and local communities.


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