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“An awesome sister!”

“Really funny.”

“She always spices things up.”

“Full of life.”

Jamie Lynn. The name itself brings me so much joy. I can’t help but let out a laugh and paint a smile across my face. When I asked people to describe her in one adjective, they couldn’t help but do the same. Through a wide smile and laughter, volunteers at Surfing the Nations spit out adjectives such as “confident,” “full of life”, “sporty,” “witty”, “compassionate,” and “hilarious.” We could go on and attempt to list off adjectives that perfectly convey this perfect addition to our Ohana, but there aren’t enough words nor time. Her sass isn’t the only thing that brings life to the community of Surfing The Nations but it’s the booming laughter, the passing a volleyball from one forearm to the next, and the grinding of skateboard wheels on the cement that we all hear ringing through the apartment buildings.

CollageJamielynnWho is Jamie Lynn you ask? She is one of the many faces of our Ulu Pono Teens program and conveniently lives just a few doors down from STN’s property. During her free time she walks (or skates) down the street to hang out, talk story, and absorb the light STN provides. Despite the pretty significant age gap – her quick wit and constant smile makes a friendship with Jamie an easy thing to have. She is an incredible listener and fires back incredibly witty comments filled with sass every moment she can. The darkness of Ohai Street can be lit up through the simple joy and laughter of an eleven year old. It’s kids like Jamie that are a reminder of why we do what we do; friendships that go beyond just the Ulu Pono program are one of the greatest rewards.

Jamielynn and her family moved here from the Marshall Islands in 2010 which was, and continues to be, a huge adjustment for all of them. “Its really different in Hawaii compared to Marshall Island… different houses, new people, and a new language. Now I know two languages: Marshalese and English.” We’ve had the privilege of knowing her and her family for over 2 years, helping in the ‘downs’ of life and celebrating the ‘ups’.

When asked about what she loves about STN, she will be quick to tell you its because she loves meeting and getting to know people. Alongside that, she loves skateboarding with the occasional surf sesh. Jamielynn – along with many of our Ulu Pono students – is excited for all of the changes that are going to be happening in the near future with the Community Outreach and Training Center. “I’m so excited about the new dance room that will be there [in the COTC]! I love to dance, especially breakdancing.” Everyone has different reasons to be excited; for some, it might be because they love art and can’t wait to be able to express themselves in the new classroom. For others, it may be because it will be the first place that they can call their own, and can go to whenever they’d like.

Interested on how you can help? We need YOUR help to finish the construction of the Community Outreach and Training Center in order to continue impacting lives just like Jamielynn. If you would like to join with Surfing The Nations and be a part of the positive change thats happening in Wahiawa, we have an opportunity for you to give financially to our End of Year Giving Campaign. Your donations will go right back into the community and will be part of a legacy for years to come!

Click the link below to find out more.

End of Year Giving Campaign

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  • Frida Oliw
    January 4, 2016 (12:46 pm)

    She is a gem! so spot on this article!

  • surfman
    January 15, 2016 (3:08 pm)

    thnx for sharing surf movies

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