STN in the Middle East!

2013 has just begun, but the 2012 Middle East trip is still fresh on our hearts and minds. Take a peek into what the trip was like from our very own staff member and middle east traveler, Gisele Pitot:

Surfing The Nations’ Middle East outreach for 2012 was a blast! The team returned just before Christmas and we were spoiled with  adventure in Egypt and Israel. Six of us from three continents met up in Cairo and spent a week taking in the chaos, sounds of revolution, camel rides, pyramids and – most importantly – the friendship of our Egyptian friends.We were really blessed to have insight to the state of things in Egypt by being invited into the lives and homes of a few guys in Cairo. We got to walk through Tahrir Square a few times, soaking in the atmosphere and providing encouragement to our local friends.From Cairo we headed for the waves! A week with the surf crew in Agami, Egypt turned into two as a lost passport set us on a whole new adventure. One man’s disappointment is another man’s opportunity and we saw the door for deeper relationships open with our friends in Agami as our time there was extended. The Agami crew are so full of life, fun, songs and passion– it’s hard to not feel like we were really the ones blessed and loved on.Besides the surf guys we got to see old friends – Wes Luke! – and make new friends with some of the more affluent student’s of Alexandria, who also had revolution on their minds. Passport problem solved, we hopped over to Jerusalem, Israel. What a privilege to experience this city . I am convinced there is no other like it in the world. So special to so many, so hotly contested, so much passion and controversy surrounding it. We got to once again, walk the streets, the walls, befriend local people, share life as a team and see the ancient sights. From there we once again headed for the surf – Tel Aviv! We were hosted with much love by Ido Dar-El, Israel’s foremost deaf surfer and a fellow believer in the idea of “surfers giving back”. We got to meet up with old friends in the water and on the land building lasting relationships from the other side of the world. -GP

2 Replies to "STN in the Middle East!"

  • Reino Havbrandt
    December 11, 2016 (4:45 am)

    Do you have any info of the 2016 group now in Kairo?

    • admin
      December 14, 2016 (4:31 pm)

      Yes! Team is doing great. They are now in Agami. We will email you more details!

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