Staff Snaps – Vol. 6: David Eriksson

On Staff Snaps we feature some of the all stars who make the good stuff happen behind the scenes at Surfing the Nations. Today on Staff Snaps we’re featuring the stellar Swede David Eriksson, staff of the month for June and exceptional leader for our Internship program. Dave is a joy to have around here, with an infectious laugh and a love for sharing stories, this guy is vital to the STN community. Read below to get to know Dave better!

Born and raised?

In Sweden, in a very small town called…I’m going to spell it for you, I’ll text it to you later. I grew up in Töcksfors, it’s about 10 minutes from Norway. I’d say it’s the Midwest of Sweden. Well, the west of Sweden but it feels like the midwest. It’s across the country from Stockholm. I lived in Töcksfors my whole life, until I moved to Hawaii basically. Up until I did my Internship I lived in the same town where my parents still still live.

Favorite part of the workday?

I love being on outreach, because that’s where I get closest to groups of Interns, it’s a time to connect and talk to anyone. But I also really enjoy being in the office and getting stuff done that needs to get done because I’m very administrative and that’s something I enjoy doing. Being in the office is something I like because that’s where I see a lot of stuff get done. But let’s say going on outreach. Going to FTH with Interns is my favorite part of the day; that and connect group.

Pick me up song?

There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons will always be a song I love. I’ve loved it for more than two years so I don’t think that’s a song that will ever stop being close to my heart. I want to say something that no one has heard about too. Cabin Down Below by the Royal Concept. I found out that they were a Swedish band, and when I saw them at a festival in Sweden I heard this song. At the show they ended with this song, and it’s a very slow song, but they ended it in a completely different way than I’ve heard before.

A story about how you ended up at STN?

I came here to visit my cousin Oscar in 2013 when I was fifteen, and he was on staff. So I came here with my family and his family for vacation and I got to see STN for the first time. So even if I had heard a lot about STN from him it was really cool to see STN in real life. But then I didn’t really think about it for a long time because I was fifteen but when I was about to graduate from high school I remember he sent me the link to the internship application. He first sent me the link to one of STN’s videos. It’s called “Calling All Men” and it made me remember I really liked STN when I came here. First he sent me the video, then a few weeks later he sent me the application and said that I should move to Hawaii. My original plan was to go to school straight after high school but I felt like I needed a break. That’s kind of also the reason I came back for staff. I went home, tried university, but figured I still needed to really figure out what I wanted to do with my life and to improve characteristics of myself more. So that’s how I ended up here.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve recently received?

One courageous choice may be the only thing between you and your dream becoming a reality.

What fuels you?

Looking back on this whole year that I’ve been here I’ve realized that I mostly came back for the people and that’s also something that I really value because I’ve discovered how important real friendships are. So that’s something that I couldn’t sustain without. Being around people I admire and really respect and look up to is something that fuels me. And that’s something I’ve discovered more lately.

2 Replies to "Staff Snaps - Vol. 6: David Eriksson"

  • bernadette graham
    October 26, 2018 (4:20 pm)

    david u rock!!!! i hope to see u somehow someway soon…wheaton il is always an option for a visit….xoxo madi’s mom

  • bernadette graham
    October 27, 2018 (1:44 am)

    you rock david…..we love u…..and miss u….don’t look so serious in all your pics….its ok to laugh….cuz u make us laugh…blessings and love…berni and russ

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