Staff Snaps – Vol. 4: Dave Winters

On Staff Snaps we feature some of the all stars who make the good stuff happen behind the scenes at Surfing the Nations. Today on Staff Snaps we’re featuring our resident Aussie and staff of the month for April, Dave Winters. While Dave keeps our Oahu base property in mint condition with the help of his team, he’s always sharing epic and hilarious stories, but what’s more is this legend’s heart for people.

Born and raised?
Southwest of Western Australia. The town I was born in is a place called Pinjarra. But Mandurah, that’s where I grew up.

Favorite part of the workday?
Probably coffee, first thing in the morning. And working with Bill Gnuse. Because the biggest part about being here is the people, not really the work, but the people you meet. Every day is different and I work with someone different every day, usually from a different country, or a different background, or a different everything.

Pick me up song?
Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones. That’s what I listen to first thing in the morning, that’s with the coffee; it really gets the party started. That’s the song I’ve got playing in the apartment Bill and I are working on.

A story about how you ended up at STN?
After doing four years of studying as an electrician, doing electrical studies, I just felt in my heart for something different and I liked the idea of just volunteering and serving, and doing that kind of humanitarian work, really just what our motto is all about. It’s a combination – I wanted to adventure, challenge myself, do something different, and help people. And then Surfing the Nations fit all the things I wanted to do.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve recently received?
Best piece of advice that I’ve ever been given at STN is probably a Tom Bauer one-liner. Usually “Go big or go home,” something along those lines. I feel like that’s the exact same thing I said in an interview I did about STN 5 years ago. They said, “got any advice?” I said, “Go big.” I’m sticking to it.

What fuels you?
Seeing the difference you can do in a day, and then the difference in a week, and the difference you can make in a month. So when you do all of it for a long time, it’s pretty rewarding.

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  • Kaylen
    August 22, 2018 (11:34 am)

    Yes. Dave’s got it.

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