Staff Snaps – Vol. 3: Emma Catherine Nolley

On Staff Snaps we feature some of the all stars who make the good stuff happen behind the scenes at Surfing the Nations. Today on Staff Snaps we’re featuring the unstoppable Emma Catherine Nolley, staff of the month for February, and woman in charge of our Campus Life department. You can call her E.C., this joy-filled Texan gal’s love for others runs deeps and it shows in the way she cares for our property and all of us who live here, whether staff, service team, Intern, or Summer Challenger.

Born and raised?
Born in Austin, Texas but I grew up a little outside of Austin in a town called Driftwood. I love Austin. I love Texas for many reasons – I love barbecues, I like the wide open spaces; we’re known for our lakes, and lake days out on the boat are the bomb, I go wake surfing all the time. The people are really cool and you can tell if someone’s from Austin, because of their hospitality and manners.

Favorite part of the workday?
I like the mix of office work and running around property doing hands on work. If it’s a really hot day I love nothing more than being in the office in the AC just answering emails. But I prefer random projects like cleaning, and I love using the drill, it’s actually really fun. I love taking the truck off property. I love walking around and checking up on my service teamers. That’s a huge goal of mine because obviously the job has to get done but I think connecting and being relational is important, so I visit my service teamers in the Coffee Bar or the Vintage.

Pick me up song?
I’ve been listening to Jon Bellion and Jordan Davis, who’s a country singer. That’s literally my life. I’m not a fan of pop country, in Texas you’ve got to know real country like Jordan Davis.

A story about how you ended up at STN?
I initially heard about STN because of a friend. I decided to come back and commit to staff after I was here doing internship. Madi Graham called me in January and we realized we both applied for LTP. Our LTP class was huge, 17 students, so it was so cool that I got accepted! I have a huge heart for doing adaptive sports and I’ve always had this set goal of doing adaptive sports throughout my life but I’ve just been taking really weird trails to get there. I would love to bring an adaptive sports outreach to STN international trips or bases so this is a really good starting point.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve recently received?
Keep being yourself. This is something that has been affirmed in me since I came back out here to be on staff. Keep being you, it helped me because my dad has always told me that you can’t control what people say about you. It’s helped me know who I’m created to be, and I don’t need to change myself to be friends with people because that will come naturally.

What fuels you?
A good barbecue. But honestly, eating with friends fuels me. I’ve got to have my people. I’ve got to have my E.C. time. I’m learning that even though I’m an extrovert, I definitely need down time. But I think when I know my service teamers or friends feel appreciated and loved, that fuels me; that makes me happy. And coming home to a clean house.

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