Staff Snaps – Vol. 2: Emily Clark

On Staff Snaps we feature some of the all stars who make the good stuff happen behind the scenes at Surfing the Nations. Today on Staff Snaps we’re featuring the legendary Emily Clark, staff of the month for January and current department head and captain of the ship for our Internship program. Emily loves quoting old movies, eating local food on the weekends, and is a fierce friend – this chick is all time!

Born and raised?
Tacoma, Washington. My parents even still live there. I’m loyal to my home roots of the PNW.

Favorite part of the workday?
Nap. Lunch. No, I’m kidding. Actually, I love community impact when I get to go. Spending time with the homeless is great because they’re hilarious and fun to be around and most of them know me pretty well by now. They also love when I speak pidgin.

Pick me up song of the week?
The song I’ve been playing lately is More I See by S. Carey off his new album. One of my favorite drummers is my friend Isaac, he’s the best drummer I’ve ever played with, and he showed me S. Carey when we visited Bear, Alaska.

A story about how you ended up at STN?
I met STN when I was 15 because of a friend. When I came out here it was during the early days of Kalihi Valley, we were living in a treehouse, and I thought, “this is crazy” and went home. During my junior year I was in Spanish class and we were working on paper mache projects and I flipped through the pages of a Men’s Health magazine and all of a sudden I see Tom Bauer’s iconic white mustache and I go, “I know this guy!” It’s a whole 2-page article about Tom and Cindy and I thought “STN is what I want to do with my summer.” So I applied for summer challenge which was much different than it is now. They accepted me without knowing when exactly I’d come out here. I showed up and just joined internship for a month. I went to Maui and became good friends with Charis [Tom and Cindy’s youngest daughter], and the rest is history.

What fuels you?
It’s a combination between music and people. If I spend too much time with people I crash. But I really do enjoy spending time with friends and I’m notorious for deep talks, I don’t like shallow things. The other thing that fuels me is music. Mostly I like to listen in the car when I’m driving to the North Shore. I love playing music but I really appreciate well written music, good singers, good drums, good guitar lines, quality songwriting – I love it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve recently received?
One of the best things someone told me was that it’s okay to let things fail, and this was in regards to work. It’s okay to let things fail because that’s where people learn. As a department head it’s easy to micromanage and try to avoid failures but it’s really good to release things that are out of my control in order for my team and I to grow and learn what we could have done better. 

2 Replies to "Staff Snaps - Vol. 2: Emily Clark"

  • Mom
    June 22, 2018 (9:45 am)

    You are a rock star Emily! We are so blessed to call you daughter!

  • Tiffany Carothers
    July 2, 2018 (11:05 pm)

    I second that rockstar! Emily is uplifting, caring, loving, giving, generous, encouraging and a friend that all people should have. Well deserved staff of the month. Love you girl!

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