Staff of the Year 2014!

One staff member at Surfing The Nations has gone above and beyond. Not only did he manage working in the Accounting Department AND Surf Outreach Department, but he also participated in two International Trips along with helping to lead our Summer Challenge program. Above all, he performed with a stellar attitude and a strong character. Lucky for him, STN recognizes hard work and commitment.

We present to you Ryley Snyder as 2014 Staff of the Year!




Taken back by this award, Ryley explains, “I’m definitely super humbled because of the caliber of people I work with, and thankful for the honor from everyone as well as the community that raised me to this level.”

Ryley is currently the Surf Outreach Division Head/Accounting and has been on staff for three years. When asked about his current plans he says, “I’m gonna keep serving the community I love.”




Here are the 11  recipients who were all considered for Staff of the Year for the hard work and diligence in the year of 2014: Kathryn Amm, Ashley Hilton, Andy Keeffe, Kyle Whitney, Emily Jones, Julie Nelson, Brittany Southwick, Kristen Cummins, , Kirsten Roskos, Dakotah Gostynski, and Anne-Sofie Nyström.

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