The Rain Room

It’s one of those days when you wish you were in New York city.

The ‘Rain Room’ installation by Random International is now on exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Ten people at a time are allowed into the dark room of pouring rain and, with the help of highly sensitive 3D camera motion sensors, will not get wet. What an experience it must be to walk through a downpour and watch the water part for you!

It’s almost a paradox, that such advanced technology would clash with something so natural, and ‘everyday’ as rain.

This exhibit has the power to awaken wonder by the way that one can manipulate the rain, while also giving us the opportunity to see the extraordinary in what we may have wrongfully tagged as ‘normal’.

We’re assuming most of you can’t just hop down to the MoMA any time soon, so get a glimpse of the experience through the video:
Photo cred: My Modern Met

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