On the Other Side of Go: GOTHENBURG

Since our start in 1997, hundreds of people from all over the world have come through Surfing The Nations to serve and volunteer, some for just a month and others for years! Each person has made a lasting impact and become part of our (constantly growing) STN Ohana.  However, there is one unlikely country you will be guaranteed to find a representative of at any given moment: S W E D E N.  The Swedish “wikings”, as we jokingly call them, have introduced many of their fun traditions to our STN community that have now become deeply rooted in our DNA. From afternoon ‘fikas’ (a sweet treat and a coffee) to butchering every word of their happy birthday song, “Ja Må Han Leva,” Surfing The Nations would simply not be the same without our lovely Swedes. (So much so, that we are in the early stages of starting a STN base in Sweden!) That’s why for this month’s “On The Other Side of Go” blog, we want to highlight one of their biggest cities, Gothenburg. Full of charm and sitting on the North Sea, come explore this friendly city with us and see yet another reason why we love this country!

GBG_OSG Location Map






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