The Odd Friendship Between North Korea And Its First American Surfers

October 30, 2014
Julie Nelson was something of a pioneer in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The 27-year-old American citizen was one of the first people to ever surf in North Korean waters. She led North Korea's first-ever surf camp, which entailed showing North Koreans what a surfboard looks like and what surf wax is used for, and even teaching some locals how to swim for the first time. more

Nonprofit group spearheads Wahiawa transformation

May 03, 2013
WAHIAWA, Hawaii —Where a strip club, brothel and adult video arcade once stood, businesses have now taken root. It's part of an ongoing transformation in Wahiawa, the Central Oahu town that used to be known for its pineapples, but in more recent times, was better known for prostitution, drug dealing and crime... more