Mahalo Team Nalu 26:2!

Would you run and marathon or half marathon for something you believed in? A group of high schoolers and one adult from High Desert, California literally went ‘the extra mile’ (or 12 or 26 !) and ran either a half or full marathon to raise awareness and funds for STN. We are impressed, inspired, and humbled to have such amazing people investing their time and talent to supporting the cause of STN.

Here is the full report from Logan Morin:

“We are a group of 12 high school runners and 1 adult runner that spent the summer training for either a Marathon (26.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles) in Park City, Utah on August 18th, 2012.  We used this as an inspiration to get people to donate to Surfing The Nations.  Overall, we raised somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000 for STN.  As far as results went, all of our runners were extremely happy with their times and with the fact that they finished without keeling over.  For men 18 and under, our seven (Tyler Fabrizio, Logan Morin, Jimmy Kniss, Jason Kniss, Hunter Cornell, Ben Minnick) took 2nd place through 8th place in our age group.  The only girl to run the full marathon(Kalli Sarkin) finished first in her age group.  Kathy Smith, the only adult, was just happy to finish (she has done several before).  Kylie Betts and Melissa Fairchild finished the marathon in first and second for their age group.  Lastly, Scout Gibson and Alora Blosch had never run more than about four miles before training finished, and were happy to have done it. Overall, we feel like it was a great experience, a fun way to serve and hopefully, a big help to STN.”

-Logan Morin





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