LTP – Fall 2018

While our summers here at our Oahu base are full to the brim, the Fall also holds its own kind of STN chaos with new faces of Interns as well as staff, Surf Art and The Surfer, and the Freedom Surf Camp. With our Fall session of Leadership Training Program underway, we’ve got six new STN staff going through three months of challenges to equip them as leaders. As always, there’s a mixed crew from all over the world with one Swede, two Americans, two Canadians, and one Dane in this class. With this crew hard at work planning the upcoming Surf Art and the Surfer art show, they’re also preparing for their pioneering outreach trip to Brazil in November. We’re so excited for each of these students! See below for highlights from their time so far in our LTP program.

Belinda Andersson, Sweden – To hang out with the Ulu Pono kids again. Without them I wouldn’t want to be here as much because that’s a big part of being here for me. ‘

Bill Gnuse, USA – I appreciate what leaders are teaching us through the teachings we have – about conflict and leadership, it’s all good stuff. My highlight has been hiking up that hill [on Mini Adventure] in the rain, tied together with a rope, with lightning crashing down, really gnarly conditions. The team spirit of all that made us pull together, it was so cool.

Isabelle Starr, USA – To get to connect with staff members on a deeper level because now I’m here for a while. With LTP I enjoyed getting the opportunity to teach, it’s been cool stepping into a teaching and leadership position.

Ryan Alexander, Canada – During Mini Adventure we killed a chicken for our dinner. We were thinking it was dead but it woke back up like a zombie and everyone lost it. Also sometimes chicken nuggets gets me through the day.

Taylor Acob, Canada – Being back and getting to hang out with the Ulu Pono kids. Also, I love the surf outreach – we go on dawn patrol sessions every week.

Daniel Sørensen, Denmark – I know it might sound funny, but the school portion of LTP, not necessarily even always the teachings because you can grow in so many different ways, but in general I enjoy sitting and learning about myself and leadership.

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