Weekend Jam Returns: Tokyo Sunrise by LP

I haphazardly stumbled across this song on a Spotify playlist this past week, completely unprepared for what I was about to hear. It hit my ears with a surprise force that made me want to run and hide underneath a bed, and then at the next second, crawl back out and get as close as possible to it, drenched in curiosity. The song: Tokyo Sunrise by LP and her amazing band.

LP, born Laura Pergolizzi, is a native New Yorker. She got her start with the band ‘Lionfish’ and since the early 200os has been producing and performing her own work, as well as writing for other artists. It is surprising to see that her resume includes writing songs for well-known pop artists such as The Backstreet Boys and Rihanna. Fortunately for us, LP broke free from the the behind-the-scenes and went center stage with her album release this past year of 2012. The 5 song EP, Into the Wild is well-named, as it incorporates its own jungle of instruments, such as violins, cellos, ukuleles and flutes.

The only way I can really describe LP and her album Into The Wild is that, it’s a bit like Winter: Her voice is the chilled blast of wind you feel when you first step outside- it makes you feel awake and alert to life and feeling- and then the instruments are what take you into a warm fireside, and hand you a cup of tea to thaw out. It’s a wonderfully blended paradox: enough soothing instruments to relax you, and enough powerful vocals to make you feel fresh and alive, even if you are just sitting at your desk.

Give it a listen and see for yourself, and have a great weekend!





Photo credit: LP


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