Weekend jam : Lord Huron’s full album!

I think we’ve found our Autumn soundtrack.

L.A. based band  ‘Lord Huron’ released their debut  full-length album  Lonesome Dreams this week and in no time we were sold on every track.

Here’s what NPR’s Stephen Thompson had to say: “Lonesome Dreams comes along at just the right time of year, meeting as it does between the beachy lightness of summer and the bittersweet plaintiveness of autumn. It straddles the seasons with disarming deftness — sunny enough to distract, sweet enough to comfort.”

We couldn’t agree more. Somehow, it makes you want to go on an adventure on the high seas and at the same time, bake some banana bread. All around very different, but very good feelings, yet I suppose it’s to be expected that a band described as ‘tropical folk’ would spill forth variety.

Find out  for yourself and get your first listen of the entire album at NPR music.

Check out my personal favorite here:




photo cred Lord Huron

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