June Staff of the Month…

June has come and passed, and we are STOKED to announce the staff of the month: Andrew Steele!
Andrew has been with us on staff at Surfing The Nations for almost a year, and is a hard working 24 year old who loves engineering, surfing, and giving back to his community – wherever he is!

Andrew first came out to Surfing The Nations in 2013 for the internship program, and his heart fell in love with Wahiawa in those 3 months. After Internship graduation, he moved back to his hometown, Raleigh, in North Carolina, where he finished school and worked for a construction engineering company for a year. But Surfing The Nations was still on his mind, and the desire to come back to Hawaii only continued to grow…


In September 2014, Andrew made the decision to leave his hometown and move to Wahiawa, Hawaii. This meant more than just a simple plane ride over – for Andrew, this meant leaving a town that he knew and called home, leaving friends and family, and leaving a financially stable job to become a full-time volunteer at STN. “I wanted to use my degree in bigger ways; joining this movement of change thats happening at STN is a great way to make a difference.”
Andrew loves the tangible aspect of working with his hands, which fits perfectly with his job here as is now Surfing The Nation’s ‘Property Development Director’; Andrew is a huge asset to the building thats currently under construction: the Community Outreach Training Center. (See last blog post to find out more, or click on the COTC tab on the website!)
Since being on staff, Andrew has travelled internationally with STN to both Morocco and Bangledesh, sharing the sport of surf and volunteering his time while building relationships in communities there.

Andrew’s work ethic is an inspiration to many, and his constant smile shows the heart he has behind his work. Thank you, Andrew, for all the hard work and long hours that you put in to make this organization, community, and world a better place.




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  • Graham
    July 21, 2015 (3:08 am)

    Steelio is a boss!!!!!!

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