Help Josh Build A Studio

I hope that you enjoyed Josh Garrel’s free album last Friday. If you have not, his newest album Love & War: B-sides and Remixes is available online and you can read up on it in our recent post.

Amazingly enough, Josh Garrels has written, recorded and produced all of his albums, including Love & War & The Sea In Between, from home, outside of the “ideal” studio-space. And with the next full-length album on the horizon, Garrels has chosen the route of building an adequate studio – a space that would cater to his recording needs and be used to create limitless albums for many other musicians.

The need is evident, the solution is impressive, and the request is simple.

Currently, Garrels is just over three weeks into a five-week fundraising campaign to build this dream music studio. The support has been amazing and he has been able to raise approximately $40,000 with an end goal of $75,000. This campaign will continue until October 1st and he still needs your help. The inspiration comes from Garrels’ commitment to not only create new songs, but to give away every new album, for the first year of its release, as a gift and sort of “first fruits” offering of his labor.

If you’re interested in contributing towards, you can donate by credit card online by clicking HERE.


For more information, contact Josh Garrels at:

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