Jinja Safari. You’re welcome.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and everything in between, because we have found you a reason to throw a party: Jinja Safari.

The weather is getting a bit grey-er, the sun is going down faster, holiday stress is hovering and things need to get done, like, yesterday.

At STN most of us are looking for adventure in the every day. That’s actually one of the reasons most of us have found ourselves here. This band seems to embody all of that and then some.

The self-produced, Sydney based Jinja Safari incorporates fun, simplicity, adventure and culture into all their songs and videos. A caption like ”A song and an exceptional journey” or  ”A song and an adventure” can be found describing their videos. In fact, try to watch a video and not smile. The child-like wonder that emanates is contagious and heart-warming, and especially needed during a busy a time where a lot of us can forget to take a moment to breathe deep and have fun.

It’s not surprising that this band has a unique worldly sound as its lead singer, Marcus Azon has grown up around a variety of cultural influences:  “I grew up in Tasmania and my grandmother lives in Uganda, in the town of Jinja – so for some reason I always felt the connection to the music of Africa, and how, despite the oppressions of countless dictatorships, genocide and apartheid, the people of Africa always found a way to smash a drum, yelling with a giant smile, dancing barefoot in the dirt.” (Marcus Azon on Triple J Unearthed.)

Some of these songs will remind you of Africa with the beat of the drums, some will remind you of India with the use of the sitar, and hopefully all of them will inspire, uplift, and leave you with a little more happiness that you felt before.

Enjoy these happy, inspired beats here and go have an adventure of your own!



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