Surfing The Nations’ Internship program is designed to train and equip young surfers and non-surfers in servant-leader humanitarian work to a variety of cultures, through a variety of outreaches as well as classroom-style teaching. Not only do interns spend three months living in Hawaii but they get to live in intense community housing with radical people from across the world, be trained and challenged by staff who are equipped to lead them in serious character-building adventures!

If you want to learn to live by the STN motto of “Surfers Giving Back”, change and grow in a community environment, find adventure around every corner, develop your character and communication skills – this is the program for you! Interns are equipped with take-home skills to effectively make a difference both at home and abroad.

Program Highlights

  • Character development
  • Community development service projects
  • Feeding The Hungry
  • Homeless outreach
  • Teaching swim/surf/skate/art lessons to youth-at-risk
  • Engaging in Hawaiian culture
  • Giving back to the surfing community
  • STN property development
  • Weekly classroom teaching, testing and guest speakers

Hawaiian Island Outreach Trip

Every internship group engages in a 10-day inter-island outreach trip to community in one of our neighboring islands. This is an opportunity to engage with local culture and customs, give back to new communities, put into practice the lessons learned during the program and surf new breaks! The experience is guaranteed to demonstrate and experience the power of “surfers giving back.”


Interns live in dormitory-style housing with individuals from all over the world and are able to share fun and challenging experiences, meals and community life together. Meals are not provided but a fully-equipped kitchen is shared by smaller groups within the internship program.

A Day In The Life Of Internship