Internship Reflections

A quiet calm has settled over the STN base as our last intern has officially left the building. Its a time for reflection and thoughtfulness. A time to rest and gather our resources as staff. But for many interns who’ve just departed, it’s also a time to put into practice all that they have learned. And these three months have been nothing if not a non-stop, adventurous, challenging classroom of lessons in life. How will they choose to live out the things they’ve learned? It’s something we all look forward to with bated breath. And while they figure that out, its also great to hear some of the moments of impact that have challenged them.

Today we have a few words from our sweetest Alabama boy, Daniel Hall, who stole the hearts of his classmates and everyone on property here! Daniel shares some of the impactful moments in this short write-up.

My time here at Surfing The Nations is a time I will never forget. I’ll never forget the people I met on this journey of mine. I look back now through these past three months as an intern and I noticed these were some of the most challenging times of my life, but I’m so grateful for being part of something bigger than myself, helping the community and serving others.
Being here for a while and doing Feeding The Hungry, Ulu Pono, and Community Outreach was so humbling and I’m honored that I was able to have had the chance to be here and serve others.
As an intern I got to experience new cultures and people coming from across the world with so many backgrounds!  And all of them came together with the common purpose to serve others! Through my experience here I was able to see a lot of growth in my own character and I also saw a lot of growth in others. As I reflect back now I notice how much I have changed! I truly love everyone I met and served here, especially at Feeding The Hungry.
My leaders throughout this internship have been so patient and encouraging, and people I aspire to be like. All in all the people you meet here will not just be friends you’ve made in Hawaii, but a new family that loves and cares for you. I wouldn’t trade the time I had here for the world!
If you know someone who would benefit from three months of life-changing reality – share this blog with them!

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