INTERN-Island Hopping!

This weeks blog post is brought to you by one of our interns, Celina Thornton! This California girl made her way with 16 of her fellow interns to the beautiful island of Maui for our annual outreach trip. Read below as she briefly shares about her team’s amazing time!


Every spring, STN sends a crew of interns to either Maui or Molokai to give them a chance to apply all that they have been learning. Interns will do a variety of things including food distribution, property restoration, farming, and spending time with local kids. However, for me, the outreach trip turned out to be so much more than that!

“Surfers Giving Back” was our theme for the trip, but I did not expect it to overflow into our own team as much as it did. We became surfers giving back to each other. One of the most surprising factors that cultivated this was one of our trip rules: no cell phones. While it may seem like a minor guideline, the result had a domino effect.  No cell phones meant remaining in the present, which created more time for us to grow closer together and ultimately allowed for a safe environment to really open up to each another. It became like a family! There was an amazing freedom found as many shared past hurts which gave others the opportunity to come alongside and encourage, bring hope and speak life.  Pictures


On the last night of the trip, we were given a chance to stand and affirm our fellow interns. I was personally very impacted by the positive words spoken to me. In the beginning of the trip, I found myself thinking that others had a poor viewpoint of me, and I began to believe the lie that I was a hinderance. However, as the team spoke truth into my life, I was so encouraged to realize that I had made up those lies about myself!  I am thankful for my friends who stepped out to remind me of the who I really am, my identity.  Strength and power and hope have been given to me that I might change the world!  As these positive truths were poured in, there was no more room for negative thoughts! And even better, I realized I was not alone – our whole team was equally impacted for the better.





Mahalo, Maui!




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  • angel midro
    March 22, 2015 (1:36 pm)

    I am interested in going on some of your outreaches or on a mission trip.. I currently serve at inspire church in the youth ministry I know your internship would require more then a months worth of my time I really don’t want to leave my kids or my call in serving in the youth ministry as it is a big part of my life and heart for gods house and the future generations is there anyway for me to be apart of a mission trip with stn without interning?-

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