Freedom Surf Camp Spring 2018

Being on staff for just over a year, this was the third Freedom Surf Camp I experienced; only this time I was keeping an extra eye on the rowdy and laughing Ulu Pono kids and teens I’d picked up at the crack of dawn. We were expectant for sunshine over the next two days but instead were met with an incessant downpour. With the volunteers on land seeking cover in the warmth of rain jackets or beneath tents, the surf instructors shivered even wearing the bright wetsuit tops in the water. While kids waited upon the sand for their turn to catch a wave, they wrapped themselves with towels, insisting to brave the chilly rain until they could surf again. It was day two; some kids and volunteers were flying down the slip n slide on the grass, covered in bubbles from the excessive dish soap. The rain abated, a horde of kids and surf instructors caught one massive party wave, all smiles and friends in just two days, regardless of age. This moment made it all totally worth the rain.

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