Community Bliss

There is nothing quite like living at Surfing The Nations, and I think that is what truly makes people fall in love with this place. Yes, living in community is a different experience, but a life at STN is something that I will hold dear to my heart forever. It’s the only place I know where the sound of muffled laughter is a clear invitation to hang out and live life together. Where movie night translates into sprinting to the closest market, grabbing the last carton of chocolate ice cream, and cramming on a couch with nine people. Where accountability begins with honesty, trust, and vulnerability. Where a few simple ingredients and three people’s creativity with cooking becomes a dinner party. It’s truly a gift to constantly be surrounded by people who desire to see you at your best. To live with people who value good character, are truly authentic, and who serve with the most selfless heart. Living with people who strive to be their best everyday is my favorite part about working for this organization. Sure, the unexplainable messes, immortal cockroaches, small bathrooms, and avalanche freezers (when everything stacked to the brim falls down the second you open the door) aren’t ideal, but those crazy things that drive us crazy are exactly what makes community life so memorable. Every morning we tumble out of our stacked bunk beds to tackle what the day has in store for us. For us on staff, our morning routine becomes almost as synchronized as a waltz. For me and my six roommates, we have our own choreography when it comes to our mornings. We drowsily pass each other and have certain spots in the mirror that we have memorized so we can all fit. We know when to duck, to move, and when to leave. Every evening, our hallways echo with the sounds of a Ukulele, sizzling food on the stove, and the eruption of laughter. Sometimes our outbursts of songs turn into dance parties, a single strum of a guitar becomes a full jam session, and conversations over a cup of tea bring breakthrough.

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