Cheers, McDaniel Family!

While many staff come and go, Rob and Gisele McDaniel have been a crucial part of the Surfing the Nations family for almost a decade. With Rob having eleven years on staff under his belt, and Gisele with eight, this couple has worked in a plethora of job roles at STN. Seeing this organization grow from the pioneering stages, to a thriving non-profit, Rob and Gisele have been an integral part of developing STN into the thriving organization it is today. The fierce South African beauty and Californian artist are the dynamic team who have influenced so many with their genuine hearts and faithfulness towards the community here, all while raising two littles, Oliver and Leo. As this radical couple transitions out of STN, we got the chance to ask their close friends how they’ve been impacted by this epic family – read them below! Cheers to your next adventures, McDaniel family! We’re so thankful for the time you put into this organization and the relationships made here to last a lifetime.

“I’ve learned so much from Rob and Gisele over the last 4 years but the one thing that they’ve modeled to me most of all is loyalty. They have loyally served Surfing The Nations over the last decade doing almost every job role imaginable, whether big or small, and participating in nearly every international outreach STN offers. They’ve also been loyal friends, always there for me whether I need a shoulder to cry on or a kick in the pants. Some of my favorite memories with the McDaniels are sitting around a board game after they’ve put the boys to bed, usually winning the game, then staying up hours later than we should chatting about the joys and struggles of life. I’m so thankful for the influence that Rob and Gisele have had on my life and they are friends that I know I will have forever.” – Logan, North Carolina

“Rob and Gisele have added so much life to this community and their heart work doesn’t go unseen. They’re a lovely family with a beautiful future. I’m thankful for them teaching me about family values and community. They will forever have a special place in my heart no matter where we go. Gigi makes my life extra spicy – she’s smart, beautiful and needed. I love this family!” – Anika, South Africa

“Oh the love I’ve received from Rob, Gisele, and the boys. I came to Surfing the Nations to begin a new chapter of my life thinking that this place would grow to mean a lot to me, but never did I think that it would truly feel like home. It began to feel like home because of the McDaniel family. Simple rituals like rooibos tea nights, walks around Wahiawa in the evening to talk about life, and quality time with Oliver; these are a few of my favorite things. They took me in, let me be part of their beautiful family and for that I’m forever thankful.” – Agnes, Sweden

“The McDaniel family epitomizes what it looks like to be at Surfing The Nations long term. They showed me and many others at STN how to be a great leader and influencer, how to stay healthy and how to always have fun. Rob and Gisele are such genuine people because they make anyone feel at home at STN, whether it’s a fellow staff member, a new intern or a local auntie. They’ve had a great influence in creating the welcoming environment that STN is known for. Because of the influence that McDaniels have had at STN, I felt very welcomed as an intern, I came back to be on staff and I’m now committed to be at STN long term.” – Daniel, North Carolina

“My time at Surfing the Nations would not have been the same without the McDaniel family. Rob and Gisele bring an authentic and supportive family aspect to this community, which has made it really feel like home. Whether people just need to talk, want the comfort of a home cooked meal and a movie night, or need the relaxation or baby cuddles, the McDaniel’s door is always open. However, their love is not contained within the walls of their home; as they have shown devotion to their greater Hawaii community, and people all over the world. They will forever have a legacy in the Surfing the Nations family, as well as in my heart.” – Amanda, New Mexico

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  • Dennis Young
    October 9, 2018 (11:32 pm)

    I loved Robert as my own family. He would come over and just chill, their was no demand or expectations, except if you ate clean up your own mess… I saw many a nights he would just come over and crash while we watched a movie… I was with him in his single days and his marriage to Giesle… they will always be a special part of my life…

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