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Looking Back to Sri ’16

Today we get behind the lens with David Vincent, former STN Intern and Service Teamer, and the talent behind STN’s newest Sri Lanka video. David was part of the outreach in 2016 and captured some of the soul of this vibrant nation in his video. We caught up with him, nearly one year later, to hear about his thoughts on his highs and lows of the trip. But first! The video! What were some of your first impressions of Sri Lanka? My first thought is: “Wow, it's hot here. Let's get to the ocean.” Oh man! It was rough. After almost a full day of flying, we got ...

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Bangla Bangla! Plus a giveaway!

Here we are again - the first international outreach trip of the year and it's usually a doozy - Bangladesh! Somehow, this faraway nation of rickshaws, three-pieces, paratha and dhal has captured the imagination of generations of STNers. We don’t usually do this but we are going to do a giveaway at the end of this blog, so keep reading! Before that, though, let’s talk about the stoke around Bangladesh. While the rickshaws and paratha have played their part, there’s a LOT to be said for the sweet friendships and awesome adventure that Bangladesh offers, both of ...

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The 12×12 Initiative

"Stories Matter. People Matter." The 12x12 Initiative is a project developed by three friends who are making their way across the continental U.S. to “visit, observe, serve, and help” 12 organizations in 12 weeks. With the goal of giving a voice to these organizations, they will be using the power of film and photography to tell the stories of the people they meet. Head Videographer, Logan Jacobs, shares, “There's so much power in stories and speaking them out and that's our goal. To tell the stories that haven't been heard.” Their heart and vision for ...

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