Calm Seas and Warm Breezes

“The Sailing Adventure Leadership Training program is more than simply a four word acronym (SALT); it is a life altering experience. Some classes experience 15ft slamming swells and some, like mine, experience calm seas and warm breezes. But both hold the potential to rise up leaders, challenge teams, & remind us all that life spent engaged is richer than life spent chasing what could have been.

Boarding this vessel you agree to late nights and early mornings. You agree to any weather, waves, and wind. You are given and most of all you agree to unplug from “the world”.  You enlist into a life full of sapphire seas & the way life is intended ; slow, thankful & surrounded by the untainted wilderness of the world.

I get it, I get why song writers use the sea to explain the unexplainable. I have had a good amount of experience on the open ocean but nothing like this. I would consider myself a well seasoned “sea-woman” with having been raised on the coast & spending many hours enjoying any and all ocean sports but this, this was a different story. Yes, I’ve sailed before but nothing like this. Yes, I’ve been on the ocean for days at a time but nothing like this.

One evening I stood on the bow sprit standing watch. There was nothing to “watch” but the stars that hovered over me and the sun that started to rise with the constellations I wish I could have seen. I would watch the Big Dipper fall back into its restful position as the light of the sunshine tucked it into bed. I would watch the waves dance alongside the rhythm of the morning light as to sing a little duet with each other to welcome the day. My most memorable moments were times like this. Times where the concept of time did not matter. It has no dictatorship upon the day other than to say it was time to move from bow watch to the helm, from the helm to engine check and from the engine check to stand by.

The whales seem to do exactly what ever they wanted to do.  They would breach, blow & dive on their own accord. They would wave to us as to say “I know I’m beautiful, you can thank my creator” and for that I am grateful. Grateful for the reminder that we treat time as if it is our own and we steward our bodies as if we constructed their image. To which is false, time is to be given & we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.”

-Julie Iannarone


3 Replies to "Calm Seas and Warm Breezes"

  • Sue Bastiani
    March 12, 2016 (6:52 pm)

    You are a blessing, so glad God blessed you and the others with you. ❤️

  • LeeAnne
    March 14, 2016 (8:07 pm)

    Beautifully written and said!

  • Åsa
    March 27, 2016 (8:34 am)

    Wow. you truly are a good writer ms. Iannarone! feels like im on the boat.
    Love the whales – “I know I’m beautiful, you can thank my creator”.
    thats a good one to strive for!
    love u n miss u!
    sweden misses u!

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