Bangladesh Team Heading Home

It has been a quick yet fabulous month in Bangladesh and the team has been making their way back home to Hawaii. 12 hours on a bus from Coxs Bazar to Dhaka, an airplane through Thailand, and a couple more flights over the Pacific and I’m sure they will be sleeping for the next day just recovering from an exhausting travel.

Rickshaws rides and elephants, surfboards and street-kids, three-pieces and board shorts. You can begin to realize the world of a difference the sport of surfing might pose in a country like Bangladesh. But after only 30 days, the 2012 Bangladesh team hosted a nation-wide surfing competition in Cox’s Bazar, an all-girls surf camp and outreaches to the neighboring country of Myanmar.

Here is what Venessa has to say about her experience in Bangladesh:

It’s only been a week since we boarded our plane in Dhaka and made the long journey back to Oahu, and the Orna of my three-piece still smells like the spices of Bangladesh air and I still hear the sounds of rickshaws rattling by and the honking of horns of the tom toms. It wasn’t until this video was lost, that I realized how much just one video clip was worth to a person, and a team. Some people may just see a bunch of faces and an elephant, but to our team we saw the smile and knew the story behind it, and heard the squeals of the street-kids riding an elephant for the first time and remember the bumpy ride in the jeep to get there. These were just a few captured moments that show some of the faces of this beautiful nation, and my hope is that everyone can one day grab the same little hands, and become a a part of this big happy family that is Bangladesh.

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  • Jason Bauer
    October 13, 2012 (7:53 pm)

    I wish I went on this trip. SO COOL!

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