Alumni Wave- “Where are they now?”

This month for our Alumni Wave, we introduce to you… Sanna Myers! After bringing the ‘fire’ to Surfing The Nations in 2010, Sanna has been quick to carry the torch onto her new clothing company, “SPARK,” that is soon to set the fashion industry ablaze. (Are we punny yet?)

Sanna Myers, who many of you remember as Sanna Parker, moved to Hawaii from Sweden and soon became a valued member of our STN staff.  Although she served in all of our outreaches and spent countless hours working in our office, for Sanna, Surfing The Nations was much more than just a job. “STN definitely inspired me to go after my dreams.”  Throughout her time here, she always kept one dream very close to her heart: to one day have her own clothing line. This aspiration began at the mere age of 8, and only continued to blossom from there. As Sanna grew older, her skills began to emerge as she made new articles of clothing out of old clothes from second-hand stores, and taught sewing classes to interns at STN. Despite constant encouragement to start selling her clothing, Sanna never fully believed that making it a career was possible.

Sanna’s long awaited ambitions were finally made into a reality because of her husband, Carson. “He is endlessly encouraging, always dreaming, consistently loving.” After buying her a subscription to Squarespace for her birthday,  Carson gave Sanna the extra push to start the career of her dreams. ‘’ was launched in 2014, and her first collection came out in March 2015. This collection has a refreshing blend of Swedish minimalist esthetic and a Hawaiian Aloha feel. “I like simple and flattering… accentuating your waist in combination with ‘flowy’ fabrics. Thats why almost everything I make is high waisted- I love the hourglass shape, even if you have to fake it!”

Currently, Sanna does all of her sewing out of her studio home, with hopes to expand production out of her house and eventually have her line sold in different stores. We can’t wait to see Spark in a store near you!


spark collage


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