A Letter To The Potential Intern

We ring in the new year with great excitement for all the adventures ahead of us. In just a few weeks we will be welcoming a rad new group for Spring Internship 2018! We are honored to share an excerpt from one of our former interns, Hope Litaker.


As we go through life, we often don’t realize in the moment the events that will shape us as individuals. Many times those precious, defining moments are swept over only to be appreciated in the future, once we have seen the harvest of what was planted earlier in our lives. Participating in the internship program at Surfing the Nations, however, was not a defining moment to be swept over, and as I write to you, potential intern or future intern, I urge you to soak in every last moment the program has to offer you.

I walked into the program as an unsuspecting 18-year-old, thinking I had a firm grasp on life; little did I know what would lie ahead. Fast forward three months and I have been remodeled, my character lifted to a higher level of integrity, my self-worth rooted in something so much deeper than appearance, and my idea of what a quality life looks like completely turned around. Future intern, you may be skeptical, you may be asking how, and my response is because I allowed it to happen. I can’t tell you exactly what it looks like or how it was impactful because it looks different for everyone. Giving you a cookie cutter answer would just limit all the possibilities out there. No one grows in exactly the same way, so give yourself the space to bloom freely.

Internship is something that is so special it makes it hard to put it into words, which may be why my explanation of it may seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. While I can’t tell you how it will change you, I can tell you things you will miss once it’s over. When I first arrived I was faced with all of these new people, all older than me, I was so worried that I wouldn’t connect with them. Potential Intern, you will be so surprised at how quickly you create a sisterhood or a brotherhood with these people. There is something so special about living in community, and while sharing a fridge or a two bedroom apartment with 9 other people may seem daunting, you will miss the laughs you shared when all trying to squeeze past each other in the kitchen. You’ll miss the freedom you will feel with your people. They become your people, the people you want to share the tears, laughs, breakthroughs and everything in between with. You will miss the true friendship you’ll experience here.

Potential Intern, what I say may seem a bit spooky, it may seem like a situation you don’t want to get into, but I challenge you to dive past that. Go into the unknown, challenge yourself out of your comfort zone, aspire to improve yourself for no reason other than you have the opportunity to. Learn what it is to give back, and expect nothing in return. Silence the voice telling you that you’re not enough, that you couldn’t possibly handle so many new people at one, that you can’t change because that’s “just the way you are” You have the power, and chances are if you’re reading this you’ve thought about the opportunity. Be wild, be bold, do things that cause an uproar in your life.

I walked into the program as an unsuspecting 18-year-old, little did I know it would change my life. Potential Intern, will you give it a chance to change your life?

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