A Cup of Thanks

In the season of Thanksgiving, it is easy to be captured by the hustle and bustle of getting ready for one family dinner. From finding the perfect Turkey, to racing to get the house cleaned for the relatives, one can easily forget that this is the one time a year set aside to give thanks. Coffee shops are always flooded with busy shoppers and travelers, and what a better place to get people to stop and think?

This November, the Surfers Coffee Bar began running the “#30daysofthanks” social media campaign. Pieces of paper with the question “ What are you thankful for?” written on them were distributed Thursday, October 30th. Immediately, responses came flooding in. Barista Leah Gingery states, “I think people like opportunities to share what they’re thankful for in a world where the primary focus is what you don’t have.”

Once the customers filled out their response, they had the opportunity to have their response posted to the Surfers Coffee Bar Facebook page. The campaign has proven to be a huge success in the amount of responses that have been returned. From ‘gummy bears’ to ‘grandchildren’ responses have ranged from simple to complex, but nonetheless meaningful.
Happy Thanksgiving from your ohana at the Surfers Coffee Bar and Surfing the Nations!








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