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Character 15

While everyone is busy trying to set (and keep) their New Year's resolutions, we want to invite you to join us on ours here at Surfing The Nations! Every year, STN sets a theme to encourage and inspire our "ohana" to raise the bar in how we serve the communities we love here in Hawaii and internationally.  For 2015, we have chosen the simple, yet powerful theme of "Character." Each month we will focus on different character traits and make it our goal to refine these in new ways, both personally and as an organization. See the list below to follow along and be a part of Character 15!

On The Other Side of Go

Pay close attention all you world travelers and Bollywood fanatics, today we’re giving you the inside scoop on one of our favorite cities, Cox’s Bazar! Known for it’s 125 km (78 mi) long beach (the LONGEST sand beach in the world), Cox’s Bazar is located in the south of Bangladesh and is home to some of the first surfers on the coast. Now jump in your rickshaws and scroll along as we give you some local insight of this seaside town. Trip Advisor: STN Staff Member, Zach Trein For more information on our upcoming trip to Bangladesh, click here! Trip dates: April 8 - May 2. (Additional Photo Credit: Ramjan Mia, Erica Kohl, ...

Staff of the Year 2014!

One staff member at Surfing The Nations has gone above and beyond. Not only did he manage working in the Accounting Department AND Surf Outreach Department, but he also participated in two International Trips along with helping to lead our Summer Challenge program. Above all, he performed with a stellar attitude and a strong character. Lucky for him, STN recognizes hard work and commitment. We present to you Ryley Snyder as 2014 Staff of the Year!     Taken back by this award, Ryley explains, “I’m definitely super humbled because of the caliber of people I work with, and thankful for the honor from everyone as well as ...