10 Days on Molokai

While everyone sees life from their own, unique perspective, it seems that photographers are gifted with an exceptional ability to catch details others cannot. Rachel Bushong, one of our talented interns, traveled with us on outreach to the island of Molokai and managed to capture some dreamy moments along the way in her journals and photos. Escape with us today and see a glimpse of the world through her lens…


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10 days on Molokai and these are some snippets I remember:

Making home wherever we went, quickly adapting to the nightly campfires and the sandy feet and salty hair tangled in sleeping bags.

Waking up in the middle of the night shivering but seeing the stars sparkling above the trees through the tent.

Sweating from the blazing afternoon sun but satisfied in a grove of banana trees with a machete in hand, making room for new life.

Gazing down from colossal cliffs and seeing nothing but the sea swirling in the richest mess.

One road tracing the island, and we drove the entire circumference piled in the back of a truck.

The soft pink light of dawn misting over those cocooned in hammocks and drenching the mountains and the palm trees.

Each piece from the days reminding me of the peace that transcends all understanding.










– Rachel Bushong

Follow along with her travels on Instagram @rachelbushong

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