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Weekend jam : Lord Huron’s full album!

I think we've found our Autumn soundtrack. L.A. based band  'Lord Huron' released their debut  full-length album  Lonesome Dreams this week and in no time we were sold on every track. Here's what NPR's Stephen Thompson had to say: "Lonesome Dreams comes along at just the right time of year, meeting as it does between the beachy lightness of summer and the bittersweet plaintiveness of autumn. It straddles the seasons with disarming deftness — sunny enough to distract, sweet enough to comfort." (more…)

Weekend Jam and Riding Horses Through the City

I love when you stumble upon amazing things while doing something ordinary like watching a music video. The first time this happened to me, a country music video led me to discover an 80 room tree house in Tennessee! This time, while looking for this week's weekend jam, I not only found a great song, but discovered one of the most unique things I've come across: The Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. This  equestrian club in Philadelphia aims to prevent crime through the alternative activity of riding and taking care of horses. It's amazing to see these children and adults riding through the middle of the city, and to see such a unique way to help ...

Weekend Jam from Strange Talk

When the weather starts to get a little cooler, even if it isn't exactly 'cold' on Oahu, it always seems to remind me of  being a kid during the school year. Specifically, rushing to get as much work done as possible, so I could squeeze out as much sunlight as I could before the shorter days of Autumn started to close in. This Friday's Weekend Jam is a song called 'Castaway' from the Australian band 'Strange Talk'  The song is fun and upbeat and the video brings on major childhood nostalgia. Doesn't  it remind you of being a curious kid exploring your neighborhood with your friends?   [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/49742383[/vimeo] Happy Aloha ...

The Back Room

Last month, we had a new surprise addition to the STN buildings. Carson Myers, longtime friend and staff member at STN had been sneakily putting together a room where the artists of STN could create in their free time. Through Carson's vision and hard work, the back of a run-down house became 'The Back Room' and Carson held an opening party to celebrate. We love this room and are excited to see the amazing creations that come out of there. Thanks Carson! [slickr-flickr type="gallery" search="sets" set="72157631632962629" items="24" photos_per_row="8" align="center" border="off" flickr_link="on"]

Weekend Jam from The Cinematic Orchestra

It's been raining a lot these past few days, so to match the mellow mood for this week's Weekend Jam we bring you a beautiful song from The Cinematic Orchestra. This is an older one but so beautiful. The instruments give it a gorgeous and haunting sound to accompany amazing vocals. This song is called 'To Build a Home''. Most STN staff and volunteers are pretty far from their childhood homes but have come to find an Ohana and home here in Hawaii. What corner of the world have you ended up finding a home in? [youtube width="600" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM7EPnhHtu0[/youtube]

Help Josh Build A Studio

I hope that you enjoyed Josh Garrel's free album last Friday. If you have not, his newest album Love & War: B-sides and Remixes is available online and you can read up on it in our recent post. Amazingly enough, Josh Garrels has written, recorded and produced all of his albums, including Love & War & The Sea In Between, from home, outside of the "ideal" studio-space. And with the next full-length album on the horizon, Garrels has chosen the route of building an adequate studio - a space that would cater to his recording needs and be used to create limitless albums for many other musicians. (more…)

Josh Garrels, Year of Jubilee

Josh Garrels does it again. If you have not already checked it out, Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes is available for free download. This second free download album was sparked as a celebration of what was deemed a Year of Jubilee. In ancient times, the Year of Jubilee would fall at the end of seven cycles (the 49th year), and on this year debts were forgiven, slaves were set free, property was restored to its original owner, and the land was given rest as it was a year for the people to rest from their labors as well. And in 2011, Garrels did just that. His recently released album "Love & War & The Sea In Between" was made available as ...

The XX and The Avett Brothers Full Albums!

What do the Avett Brothers and The xx have in common?  Well, you can listen to both of these new albums in their entirety courtesy of our friends at NPR! Head over to NPR Music First Listen. (more…)

Weekend Jam Punjabi Style

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxozO1cv6qk[/youtube]   It's Friday! Here at STN we have an diverse blend of people, which means we always have a good bit of international tunes going through the office. In a few days, two of our surfers from Bangladesh return home and take a team of our staff with them. In honor of them, we give you the relaxing (apart from the creepy stalker-ish video) tunes of Bollywood! Have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend!   Artist: Pritam Song: Rabbah Mein Toh, from the movie 'Mausam'