Service Team

Service Team is special group of servant-hearted helpers at STN who give up between one to three months and use their time and talents to “give back” to this local community. Service Team members apply their skills and talents to the many behind-the-scenes jobs it takes to make our organization flourish. From painters, carpenters and laborers to graphic designers, photographers and bartistas – we are able to use them all!

Service Team members do not go on outreaches in the community, but use their time to help STN with what they need the most at that time. Essentially, the Service Team supports STN to do all that they are doing in the community.


Baristas for the Surfers Coffee Bar need a minimum three-month commitment, and all other service team require a minimum of one month commitment. A maximum stay of three months is offered. All Service Team applicants are accepted based on their skill, STN’s need and housing availability.